The Giver | Characters


Jonas is a kid that has pale eyes while almost everyone else in his communtiy has dark eyes. He is a Twelve (A Twelve in this community means their age)and he gets a job as the Receivor of Memory, but does not know what he is really suposed to do for that. He loves his community and his family, but wishes there was omemthing more in it. He has the power to see beond, he can see color unlike the rest of the commmuntiy which just sees plain. His two best firends are Asher and Fiona.

The Giver

The Giver was the Recevior of Memory befor Joans was. He is the one who can transmit memories to other people. He likes Jonas and wants him to be happy, he also has pale eyes. He thinks Jonas will be a great fit for the job as the new Recevior of Memory. He has the abilty te see beond( seiing colors) and to hear beond (hear any sounds like music).


Fiona is very intelligent and Jonas’ other best friend. At the Ceremony she is chosen to become nurturer. She feels happy for Jonas and his assignment that he got. She is a little different then most of the people that are living in the community because she has red hair and the rest of the community has brown hair.


Asher is a little crazy sometimes when he does't know what he is doing. Jonas is his best friend in the community. When Jonas was chosen to be the Receiver of Memory, Asher begins became jealous of Jonas and that his job was no where as good as the job Jonas had. Asher is chosen to be the Assistant Game Director at the community school. That means he is in charge of all the fun and exciting events that happen at the schools.